What’s SEO and what you need to know about it.

Search Engine Optimization is a practice or set of actions that will help your website to rank well in organic search results. Simply speaking, it affects your website’s position in Google and other search engines. Nowadays, almost all successful businesses have created a strong online presence. The websites that were launched years ago have already collected a lot of rich and unique content. All these features allow them to be on the top of Google’s organic search results (on the first pages of the search). And good SEO can put your website ahead of the competition. In practice, people don’t like…

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Why your company needs a better website?

Beautiful, stylish and modern things will always attract people. We always admire astonishing interior designs, sophisticated clothes, and delightful nature. People love beautiful and simple things, and it’s true for website creation too. Your company’s website should be modern and functional. When you are looking for a hairdresser, a moving company, a lawyer and search the Web you have to look through tons of websites. Though the visual design of a website is not the main reason for making a decision, it plays a decent role. Everyone wants to find a true professional who is knowledgeable and aware of last tendencies…

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What’s next after you filled out an application form on LumiLab.io website?

We would need a little bit of information about you before scheduling an initial call. You will get an automatic email reply our brief description of our services and prices.You also will be asked to answer a few more general questions about your project or business. Now you are ready to schedule a set of calls with our project manager, meet in person or use any other communication channels in order to define the work scope and the timeline. It will be an informal but helpful consultation about your goals, target audience, design requirements, difficulties and options. Our PM will summarize…

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