We Design and Build Software.

Although we are based in Miami & San Francisco, we help businesses nationwide.


We are a network of tech professionals based in Miami, Florida & San Francisco, California. We provide high-end software development and consulting services.

Skill Set →

Front End
From simple HTML5/CSS3 projects to complex applications built with JavaScript frameworks like React.
Back End
All flavors of Node.js, Express.js and Server Side Rendering.
SQL & NoSQL databases design and implementation. Storing, managing and organizing data.
Implementing native mobile applications for iOS and Android using cross platform development tools as React Native.
Software Testing (Manual and Automation).Test Design, Execution & Regression and GUI testing.
Creation, configuration and provisioning of cloud instances (AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku) for development, test and production environments.

Recent Projects →


Real Time Traffic Tracker App.

See the work

Bee Farm Portal.

Business Website.

See the work


Restaurant Diary Review App.

See the work

GDAX Trading Mobile App

Mobile Cryptotrading App.

See the work

Flight Safety Guide App

Flight Accidents Statistics App.


Team →

Our mission is to deliver high quality software that is focused on usability and can be easily maintained afterwards.

LUMILAB in Tampa
LUMILAB in Tampa
LUMILAB in Tampa
LUMILAB in Tampa
LUMILAB in Tampa

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Meet Our Team →


Systems Architect

Egor builds internet-scale distributed and decentralized systems delivering numerous products for startups & large enterprises. In particular, he has expertise in building cloud based development platforms and tools.


  • 15+ years of experience
  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Server side web development frameworks


Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Tatiana is a Full Stack Javascript developer. She writes both client and server code. Recently she worked on cross platform mobile app development.


  • Client side web development frameworks
  • Server side applications development


Quality Assurance (QA)

Galina is a quality assurance engineer. She plans, estimates, prioritize testing strategies.


  • Manual and Automation Software Testing.
  • Designing, developing and executing test scripts

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